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Rantings of a Crazed Soccer Mom
Friday, 8 April 2005
Changing the rules..
When Tom Delay was a kid, I bet he got more than his share of "do overs." I bet he was the kind of kid that bullied everyone else into changing the rules so he could win.

Why any one would want to play with someone like that is beyond me. I would pick up my soccer ball and go home. But if you take a look at the giant kindergarten class we call Congress, Tom Delay is the kid everyone wants to play with. And does.

It's an amazing story of how Delay came to power and we owe it all to EPA regulations. As an exterminator in Texas, Delay was really really angry about having to give up his favorite brand of pesticide when it was banned. So he ran for the state legislature on the single issue of deregulation. The grand idea that the government should stay out of the business of the average person.

Hey, wait a second!!! What about Michael Schiavo's decisons on his wife's medical treatment? Isn't that his own private business?

No, you moron. We're talking about Business with a capital B. That's all about making money and a good Conservative government will leave that alone, especially if you share some of that money with them.

But if it's about Morality, with a capital M, then it becomes our business. We know what's right and we have a duty to make sure you do too.

Tom Delay is obviously not any more moral than the rest of us. (And let's not confuse morality with ethics.) But he knows his base, and he never misses a chance to appeal to their sense of what's decent and what's sinful.

Now I would think that the amount of money Delay has raked in is indecent and sinful. But like all good Republicans, his constituents probably feel that how he gets his money is none of their business.

And besides, it's all a liberal smear campaign, right?

Posted by judy5cents at 9:16 AM EDT
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