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A book about sex, greed and murder.


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You best friend's in love with a lying, scumbag thief. How do you tell her?

You'd better do it soon, because what she doesn't know could kill her.


When her best friend Debbie falls in love with a handsome stranger, Lisa Watson is skeptical. She thinks Derek is far more interested in Debbie's bank accounts, than her kind heart and sweet disposition. 

And she's right. This small-time hustler has bigtime ambitions. He intends to blackmail his lover Robert Helton, a wealthy corporate mogul, desperate to hide his secret gay life. But Derek's plans go awry, and Debbie is found dead in her apartment.

Shaken by her friend's death, Lisa unwittingly becomes involved with her friend's true killer, not realizing until it's nearly too late that she too is in grave danger.

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Wine bottle and glass

We serve only the finest cheap red wine.

Do you know what it's like...

..to be single and struggling in Cincinnati, Ohio? Not New York, or Paris, or San Francisco, just white bread and mayonanaise Cincinnati, Ohio? Living from temp assignment to temp assignment and  wondering if there will be too much month left at the end of the money?  Hoping for Mr. Right, but ready for Mr. Right Now?  Telling yourself things can't get any worse, and knowing they always will?
Pull up a chair, pour yourself some wine and get to know Lisa Watson.

What people are saying about Caviar Dreams:

A good summer read...

A real page turner....

How come there aren't any pictures, Mom?

One of the very few suspense thrillers where the main character has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Miami University in Ohio.