Rantings of a Crazed Soccer Mom — Profile

Name:  Judy Nichols

E-mail:  judyfivecents@copper.net
Location:  Wilmington NC
Birthday:  24 July, 1956
Bio:  I was born in Ohio and despite living in the not so deep South, I'm still very much an Ohioan. I'm a baby boomer, soccer mom, mystery writer. I've been to college several times. It's taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I have a husband (British), a daughter,(wonderful) a dog (border collie) and a cat (just plain mean).
Interests:  Writing, reading, fitness, travel, politics, religion, current affairs, film, television, and selling stuff on E-bay.
Blog Created:  Sunday, 24 October 2004
Last Updated:  Monday, 18 October 2010 - 7:22 AM EDT
Blog Entries:  266

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